A consultant says his experience with Oxford is unparalleled:
“A few other staffing firms have given me assignments and Adam [my recruiter] and Oxford are by far the best to work with. He keeps in contact, makes sure everything is going smoothly, and answers any questions promptly. I consider him a friend after all of the years and conversations we have had. I really enjoy working with him.”

A Oxford consultant says his Recruiter has become a colleague and a friend:
“I know Stephen [my Recruiter] as a sympathetic, open minded person and he has a fine sense of humour in a very positive way…. There is no problem or issue that is trivial or unimportant to Stephen, when it comes to keeping consultants satisfied and happy. He offers an attentive ear, when one needs someone to talk to. His work shows that he is a systematic person and he is very dedicated to his work. I would recommend this man to anyone out there and I can call him a colleague and a friend!

One consultant says other firms overpromise & under-deliver:
“Personally, I have had a numerous amount of recruiters in my past and to be quite honest with you, Oxford has successfully made it to the top of MY standards! I have had more than my share of recruiting companies that have made all kinds of promises that could not produce the results that they claimed. I have a large amount of gratitude toward Kevin [my Oxford recruiter]. Kevin did a superior job of continuous communication with me and his persistence paid off. I am very happy at my new position . . . I see great things for this company as well as for myself. Kevin was instrumental in staying in contact with me and getting me in front of the right people, which is very difficult to do these days. Keep up the excellent work!”

A regulatory & compliance consultant says:
“My experience with Oxford has been nothing short of a 100% totally satisfying experience. My recruiter . . . has been in contact with me on a regular basis, and provided me with everything a consultant on the road could ask for. I have to say my entire experience has led me to the conclusion that Oxford is, by far, one of the most professional, thoroughly responsive agencies I have worked with. You know your business, get the right answers, and do it all promptly. A truly ‘Class Act’ in contrast to others in the same business. I would wholeheartedly continue my relationship with Oxford and vigorously recommend you to my colleagues in consulting and contract work in the medical device and pharmaceutical field.”

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