What is my earnings potential?

Your earnings potential at Oxford is literally what you make it. Oxford operates under the basic philosophy that incentives for performance should be a key part of an employee's income. Therefore, our Recruiters and Account Managers can earn sums well in excess of what they could earn in other companies/industries. Over and above financial earnings potential, Oxford offers exceptional training and learning opportunities to increase our employees' long-term career prospects.

What background and experience does Oxford look for in new employees?

At Oxford, we hire people from a wide variety of backgrounds and levels of business experience. Many of our most successful employees have proven their ability to thrive in competitive environments, ranging from the workplace to sports.

What benefits does Oxford offer?

Oxford offers a highly competitive benefits package that includes a pension; Paid Time Off; Health Insurance; Life Insurance; Education Assistance; Long-Term Disability; Service Recognition Programs; Employee Stock Purchase Plan and an Employee Referral Bonus Program.

When will I be eligible for health insurance?

Staff employees are eligible for medical benefits following a 6-month probationary period.